Coming Soon!!! Rusty Nelson Photography Newsletter / Video Blog on Lightroom tips, storm chasing and travels. Come join me!

Just wanted to let you know that my Newsletter / Video blog should start around the beginning of the year...yes this is the very beginning.  I’m going to keep it very simple with text and video info that will draw on the Lightroom / Photography tips and tricks I’ve learned during my journeys along with my many mistakes....LOL. 

It may be information on a battery charger, camera, lens, printing, Lightroom tips or even video/stream from travels and Storm Chasing: informative and fun I hope.  I’ve kept notes over the years on various photography experiences I’ve run into and my goal is to simply pass them along.  Also as many of you know I travel a bit with my camera; it is my “best excuse” to get out so I’ll pass along some fun photography locations. 

Please sign up on this page.  I do not sell anything or spam and you can opt out at any time.  My goal is to publish every week or two or more during storm chasing season.  In 2017 I'll be guiding during April and July with Roger Hill and Silver Lining Tours.

Also I encourage all to participate in the comments if you have experiences that relate to the subject at hand.  And nice with comments and we can all will benefit.

If you have time stop by my website or follow me on Instagram @rustysimages and twitter (@tweetrusty) please follow or join.  At least I'll know there is somebody out there. 

All the best,